ESR 5: Development of a dermal tissue based authentic collagen matrix for medical application (Authentic Tissue Template) – Germany

This vacancy is closed

Host institution: MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG (MDS), Germany


  • Main supervisor: Dr. Claudia Doberenz (Innovation, Development & Quality)
  • Co-supervisor: Dr. Daniel Timo Behrens  (Innovation, Development & Quality)

Enrolment PhD training program: Radboudumc

Planned secondments:

Brief description:

The ESR will work on a targeted functional design of a prototype of an intact three-dimensional collagen biomatrix based on animal tissue as basis biomatrix material (i.e. Authentic Tissue Template; technology/prototype material) suitable for product developments of diverse medical devices promoting the outcome after tissue reinforcement/reconstruction.

This objective includes specific adaption of processing conditions dependent on the desired material characteristics, Pre-Freeze of the manufacturing procedure after first successful prototype characterization and a final Design-Freeze after complete fulfilment of defined design and performance requirements.

The project is divided into three specific objectives:

  • Biomaterial development of an intact three-dimensional collagen biomatrix. Intact dermal tissue will be used as the base material for biomaterial development. Adequate performance parameters and respective specifications for the collagen biomatrix material will be developed, including definition of general design and performance characteristics and product opportunities.
  • Characterisation of intact three-dimensional collagen biomatrix. Analyses for characterisation of material design, performance parameters and respective data evaluation will include structural integrity and porosity of the collagen matrix by e.g. scanning electron microscopy, immunofluorescence microscopy, assessment nativity vs. collagen denaturation using differential scanning calorimetry, collagen content of matrix, reconstitution and monitoring.
  • Targeted optimisation of intact three-dimensional collagen biomatrix. Targeted optimisation will be applied to material development and material processing regarding defined performance parameters, specifications and results of material characterization analyses. This objective will also include the use of diverse lyophilisation programs to specifically adapt the resulting biomaterial characteristics.

Project specific requirements:

  • MSc in Life Science/(Bio)chemistry/Biotechnology/Biomedical sciences/Biology or similar
  • Expertise in the following areas is highly recommendable: biomaterials, biopolymers, protein biochemistry, extracellular matrix biology, collagen, cell culture, (immune)histology, microscopy techniques for tissue/extracellular matrix characterization, biomaterial/biopolymer characterization, process engineering/bioengineering, and lyophilization techniques