Dr. Agnes Klar

Agnes Klar | SkinTERM

University of Zurich

Main Supervisor ESR10

Co-supervisor ESR11
Skin regeneration

3D skin culture systems

Immune cells

Agnes Klar is a Group Leader and Deputy Head at the Tissue Biology Research Unit (TBRU) at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. She is principal investigator in regenerative medicine focusing on on skin tissue engineering, vascularization, and biomaterials. In particulary, her research interests are characterization and application of prevascularized skin analogs using adipose-derived (stem) cells. Moreover, she is investigating the pattern of inflammatory cell infiltration during skin regeneration following graft transplantation. Her scientific track record includes 30 original peer-reviewed scientific publications and a patent (US 20170258965A1).

She is supervising undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students. She is involved in university courses for BSc and MSc students in Medicine, Life Sciences. Additionally, she serves as a mentor for the Biomedicine PhD programme of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School.

Agnes Klar has been involved in a number of international grants including projects of EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie network (MultiTERM, iTERM), COST Action EpiLipidNET, and FP7-Health EuroSkinGraf, and Eurostec. Further, she is involved in the Clinical Research Priority Program of the University of Zurich, Swiss Center for Regenerative Medicine, and Children’s Research Center at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich.

Contact: Agnes.Klar#kispi.uzh.ch

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