Ciska Janssens-Böcker MSc

Ciska Janssens-Böcker | SkinTERM

MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG

Co-supervisor ESR5
Tissue Regeneration

Clinical Affairs

Medical Device

Ciska Janssens-Böcker is the Head of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG. In this role she is responsible for leading the teams in Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, managing clinical and scientific activities to support the different products in terms of awareness, education, evidence and scientific communication. On the other hand the Regulatory Affairs team works on maintaining and updating existing Medical Device approvals and obtaining new registrations in different geographical areas and for new products.

With a background in biochemistry, and strong experience in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, in various positions, she will support ESR in getting insights in the clinical and scientific requirements that come in relationship to the development and clinical and scientific post launch activities of a dermal tissue based authentic collagen matrix for medical application.


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