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Hans Smola is a board-certified dermatologist and APL Professor of Dermatology at the Department of Dermatology at the University of Cologne in Germany. He is the medical director of the HARTMANN and Head of Translational Research, both global roles at HARTMANN, a global medical device company with a strong focus on wound healing technologies and devices.

Our research focuses on material sciences and the impact of polymers as potential modifiers of the perturbed microenvironment of chronic wounds. The goal is to add functionalities to basic wound dressing materials, to improve wound dressings from moisture modulating devices to active therapies that address the molecular and cellular pathology of stalling wounds. Hans has a strong interest is on cellular networks in wound healing particularly in cell-cell interactions.

Hans will provide expertise to the consortium on how to move an idea from basic research to a product for testing in a clinical investigation (study) and to a finished product in a box ready for distribution in a pharmacy.


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