Dr. Magda Ulrich

Magda Ulrich | SkinTERM

Amsterdam UMC,
Association of Dutch Burn Centres

Main Supervisor ESR4
Burn wound healing

Scar formation

Tissue engineering

Magda Ulrich is head of the preclinical research group of the Association of Dutch Burn Centres and associate professor at the depts. of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery and Pathology of the Amsterdam university medical center. She has published ~100 scientific papers.

The research of Magda Ulrich focusses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of wound healing and scarring, with a main focus on the role of different fibroblast populations and the inflammatory reaction in the healing process. The knowledge from this research is used to develop new treatment strategies. Development of functional skin substitutes which improve the outcome of healing is one of the main research lines within her group. The ultimate goal is to improve wound healing leading to tissue regeneration resembling normal skin with respect to composition and functional features.

Magda Ulrich is involved in several (collaborative) research projects funded by Health Holland, the Dutch Burns foundation and industry.

Contact: MUlrich#burns.nl or M.Ulrich#AmsterdamUMC.nl

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