Dr. Paul Krijnen

Paul Krijnen | SkinTERM

Amsterdam UMC

Co-supervisor ESR4

Paul Krijnen is associate professor at the Department of Pathology of the Amsterdam University Medical Center. He coordinates several research projects in the field of cardiovascular disease and burn wounds, is involved as a lecturer and in BSc and MSc courses in university courses Biomedical Sciences and Medicine and sits on the exam board of the cardiovascular research-, oncology and epidemiology masters. He has published 80+ scientific papers.

The research of Paul Krijnen is focused on the roles and mechanisms of immune- and inflammation-mediated injury in heart diseases such as myocardial infarction and viral myocarditis as well as the burned skin. In addition, he studies the efficacy of anti-inflammatory and regenerative therapies in these diseases. He is project leader in a number of ongoing projects in this field, including a ZonMw/Health Holland consortium that studies the role of neutrophil extracellular trap formation in dermal microvascular thrombosis and burn wound deepening.

Contact: PAJ.Krijnen#amsterdamumc.nl

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