Dr. Thomas Biedermann

Thomas Biedermann | SkinTERM

University of Zurich

Work package 4 leader

Main supervisor ESR11

Co-supervisor ESR10
Human Skin Substitutes


Endothelial cells

Thomas Biedermann is Head of the Tissue Biology Research Unit at the Dept. of Surgery of the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. He is principle investigator in tissue engineering focusing on human skin substitutes. He is involved in BSc and MSc courses in university curricula of Biology, Biomedicine and Medicine both at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

The research of Thomas Biedermann focuses on tissue engineering of human dermo-epidermal skin substitutes for clinical application for large skin lesions such as large burns. One main objective is thereby to bio-engineer prevascularized and pigmented skin substitutes that inoculate after transplantation to ensure fast blood circulation in the substitute and to eventually result in the patients’ physiological skin color.

Thomas Biedermann currently is involved in multiple collaborative research projects regarding human skin tissue regeneration, including this Marie Marie Skłodowska-Curie network, various Swiss National Science Foundation projects such as to create skin to cover bio-engineered ears to treat congenital microtia, to create and clinically apply prevascularized and pigmented autologous dermo-epidermal skin substitutes, and to optimize the dermal part of skin substitutes by mechanical agitation.  

Contact: Thomas.Biedermann#kispi.uzh.ch

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