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Haarshaadri Jayaprakash | SkinTERM

University of Algarve

ESR 3 fellow

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Wound healing


Haarshaadri Jayaprakash is a PhD student from India. Haarshaadri obtained a BSc in Biotechnology from Bangalore University and a MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Pondicherry University. Before joining the SkinTERM consortium, he was a junior research fellow under supervision of Dr. Colin Jamora at the Centre of inflammation and tissue homeostasis in Bengaluru, where he studied the role of immune cells in dermal white adipose tissue homeostasis on a fellowship funded by the Indian Council for Medical Research.

PhD project: Examination of cellular infiltration and microenvironmental factors involved in scarless healing/ regeneration in Acomys (spiny mouse) compared to Mus.

Haarshaadri’s project focuses on a comparison between wound healing in Mus and regeneration in Acomys. The main goal of the project is to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in the different response to skin injury of these two species. Moreover, the project aims to find potential approaches that may induce a regenerative response in human skin wounds. Haarshaadri is a PhD candidate at the Biomedical Sciences PhD programme of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedicine Sciences at the University of Algarve in Portugal. One of the aspects of his research involves cross-transplantations of decellularised skin of Acomys and Mus into the other species to investigate the effect of the extracellular matrix on healing responses.

As part of his training, Haarshaadri will visit several partners to receive training and perform tasks related to his project:

  1. Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany
  2. The association of Dutch burn centres ADBC, Beverwijk, The Netherlands
  3. CUTISS AG, Zürich, Switzerland
  1. Analyse the role of the extracellular matrix in regeneration vs. scarring in Mus vs. Acomys.
  2. Perform single cell nuclei sequencing analysis to allow transcriptomic analysis of regeneration in Acomys vs. scarring in Mus.

Contact: HJayaprakash#ualg.pt

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