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A large synergy exists between the individual research projects in SkinTERM. Regeneration in foetal (VUMC) and spiny mouse (UALG) systems will provide essential transferable knowledge about molecular mechanisms regulating regenerative processes, where discriminating proteomics data (HMGU) result in the discovery of compounds for scar-free healing that can be incorporated in biomaterials (MDS, Radboudumc) and bio-engineered skin (DU, UZH, CUTISS). In addition, the human bio-engineered skin grafts developed by UZH will support the investigation on hair growth and regeneration (DU), sweat gland regeneration (HMGU), innervation (UZH) and scarring properties of fibroblast subsets and modulatory influence of macrophages (UZH). Moreover, skin appendages may share similar regenerative pathways, giving the scientific plans of DU, UZH and HMGU a high degree of complementarity.

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