Dr. Bouke Boekema

Bouke Boekema | SkinTERM

Association of Dutch Burn Centres

SkinTERM Vice Coordinator

Work package 2 leader

Co-supervisor ESR4
Burn wound models



Bouke Boekema is senior researcher at the Association of Dutch Burn Centres, dept Preclinical research. He studied Bioprocess Technology at Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen and he obtained a PhD in Infectious Diseases at Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University in 2003. After a postdoc position at the Microbiology department of Utrecht University he moved to the preclinical research department at ADBC in 2007.

He started a research line with a focus on gaining insight into the microbial issues encountered in burns and on testing and developing antimicrobial treatments. His interest is however not restricted to microbiology, but includes various other aspects of burn care such as dermal substitutes, mechanism of scarring or inflammation. Various models are at his disposal, including the ex vivo human burn wound model. His work has resulted in 5 grants, 30 publications (12 as first author) in peer-reviewed journals and 2 book chapters. He is active as a peer reviewer (outstanding reviewer for IOP 2019) and is currently board member of the European Tissue Repair Society.

Contact: BBoekema#burns.nl

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