Dr. Joaquin Urdinez

Dr. Joaquin Urdinez | SkinTERM


Co-supervisor ESR12
Method development


Cell therapies

Joaquin Urdinez is the QC Manager at CUTISS AG, a Swiss Life Science company, spin-off of the University of Zurich. He holds a master in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from St. John’s University, and a PhD in Sciences from UZH/ETHZ.  In between his studies, he worked as a GMP Purification Analyst in mabXience and as a Process Developer for the NYC-based startup Symbiotic Health. His doctorate studies where focused on discovery and validation of biomarkers for rare bone cancer types. In 2019 he joined CUTISS AG as a Senior Researcher, focused on method development relevant for cell therapies (denovoSkin™ and pigmentation program).

Contact: Joaquin.Urdinez#cutiss.swiss

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